Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Allie's American Grill
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, GA
Review by SuSu, Diana, WithKing, MaceVindaloo, Ed, BunchBox

Attending a big Con is hungry work, but also we want to be efficient and not go broke. After all, though food, sleep, and showers are important, one is there to see and buy stuff Con-wise! But being hungry makes one grumpy; what to do?

As noted in the Dragon*Con report, one can save a little money and time by eating a late breakfast or brunch, and then not eating again till dinner time. We decided to imbibe in a buffet on-site at this place every day, rather than partaking in various things that might be more questionable, cost the same or more, and would take more time. Buffets are self-serve, so no delays in getting your food. Besides, a few of our group are hot-food aficionados, and insisted on a cooked breakfast any time we traveled.

Allie's brunch cost $17 per person and included unlimited run of the hot, cold, and cooked lines in the center of the restaurant, coffee, and juice. Some of us loved the grits and oatmeal — just a bit lumpy! Others loved the two types of salmon — smoked and gravlax. Yet others partook regularly and heartily of the made-on-demand omelettes with a big range of fillings; others enjoyed the cheese blintzes, sausages made of chicken or pork or turkey, sausage gravy and tender biscuits, a big selection of cut fruit, cereals, yogurt, a school cafeteria-style toaster (we all knew how to get it to toast just the way we wanted our bagels, sliced bread, croissants, or english muffins). There were also steamtable scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage patties, etc. And if that's not enough, there was also a mini-Belgian waffle station which churned out large cookie-sized deep-welled goodness, to be eaten with fruit, cream, and/or syrups. The brunch spread was extensive and there was high turnover, so everything was fresh and hot or cold, as appropriate.

The food was very good and it was hard not to over-imbibe. On one hand, one wanted to eat as much as possible to last as long as possible without having to eat again. On the other hand, one needed to fit into costumes and not spend the morning in bed, groaning with pain from the stomach distention. The food was delicious (and non-greasy!) enough to risk the latter! As each morning passed, we learned to eat less than three plates each ...

The staff was attentive and nice, and emphasized they were not rushing you. Coffee and juice were constantly topped up, and things were explained to us if we needed it. Despite that this was a buffet, we tipped the full amount just because the waiters and bussers were so good at their jobs.

Allie's is open for lunch, but alas, not for dinner, even though the Atlanta Marriott's in-house guide indicated it would be. If it had been, we wouldn't have bothered eating anywhere else, we think!

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