Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
120 West Market
Hilton Hotel, 120 W. Market St., Indianapolis, IN
Review by SuSu, Csillag, Rosie, MaceVindaloo, Diana, BunchBox

Once in a while, it's just not worth wandering the streets looking for a place to eat. Then you can be grateful that your hotel has a restaurant. Unfortunately, though some hotel restaurants are indeed gems, most are not.

But they are usually reliable if they have a buffet breakfast option, like they used to on Sundays in the college dining hall. (Is it us, or does everything in this town seem like it's modeled on the halcyon days of college??) You go through a line and can get oatmeal, fruit, cereal, toast your own bagels. And then you get to another part of the line where you can order custom-made omelets, pancakes, waffles. And another line for sausage, bacon, hash browns, biscuits, gravy. It's what one of us refers to as a "cooked/hot breakfast" and it's apparently something deeply desired by many, especially those who don't cook.

For those of us who do cook, you might think it's a bit ridiculous to pay for someone else to cook such simple things, but when you're in another town far from a kitchen, a buffet breakfast is not a bad option. Especially when the pricing is good -- including coffee, tea, juice and all the trips you want to through the buffet, this place is $13 per person. And since it's a buffet, tipping can be 10% rather than the standard 15%. But go ahead and tip more if your server was as nice as ours.

Other meals are completely other stories. Lunch and dinner are à la carte and they sucked. Service is really bad -- they had maybe one harried waiter for the whole room. We saw many people sit down, then get up and leave 10 minutes later because no one had come to introduce themselves and give them menus. This place seems to specialize more in the buffet line, because the other stuff was just not up to scratch. A "BLT Salad" was way too swamped with bacon. A "half-pound cheeseburger" didn't come with the requested condiments and was dry. Fries were okay, chips were chips. You will likely pay about $10 per person, but it isn't worth it.

So use the hotel dining room at this downtown Hilton Hotel for it's very good breakfast, but go elsewhere for other meals.

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