Eyewitness Sketch of the Witch King in Armor

Sam Gamgee never much minded that he might not as be as bright or as brave or even as accomplished at other hobbits, but what he did do, he took pride in. He worked hard to be a gardener, cook, and loyal friend to Frodo Baggins, and his every effort was appreciated and everyone knew he was the best at whatever he put his mind to. Still, the Fellowship was startled by the sketches he made from a brief glimpse of the Witch King in his armor above Minas Morgul. He had thought it was important to recognize the demon again since his armor made him distinctive from the other Ring Wraiths. The sketches do have an ominous energy to them, perhaps augmented by the contrast of the almost journalistic detachment Sam might have felt while trying to catch all the details during the attack!

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