Saxon Witches' Carrot Soup by Pika-So, Dumbledwarf, Hagrid

Soup is a versatile dish -- it can be elegant, light, refreshing ... but we think it's at its best when it's warming and made by someone who loves you, rather than someone who simply wants to feed you. The Saxon Witches were created by Wookiee Hut as the cooking celebrities of the Harry Potter world, but they seem to be taking on a life of their own! They are said to cook this soup on cold days -- it takes just enough time for storms to pass, so they can take the bowls outside into whatever garden setting they happen upon. And being witches, you don't expect them to cook on a conventional stove, do you? Their "stone stove" diffuses heat evenly into the pot, so the
soup -- filled with sweet carrots -- doesn't burn.

Cooking Carrot Soup by the Saxon WitchesBowl of Carrot Soup

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