Wedgie Wedge
Gillian F. Taylor, MaceVindaloo
Rated R / Slash

Wedge Antilles is an object of loyalty and affection not only for the members of Rogue Squadron, but also from hordes of fans who honor him by writing fanfic starring the leader of the Rogues — both smutty and clean! This is a shot of actor Denis Lawson in the film, Deadhead ... though you should use your imagination concerning who's arms those are entwined around our favorite "lead." And he does have a very nice butt ... and we bet Wes, Tycho, Luke, Hobbie, etc. would have a great time making Wedge suffer their brand of "wedgies," uh huh!

And come to think of it, "Wedgie Wedge" sounds like a child-like term of endearment, eh? As author Gillian F. Taylor points out, "Every time I look at that picture, the word 'pert' comes to mind. Well, so do several others, plus assorted sounds that aren't actually words." Or more succinctly, "Back door, huh? Good idea!"

Commander Antilles is the scantily clad MC in the Downtime Boards Adult story awards ceremony, written by Gillian F. Taylor. She suggests using the yummy image of Lawson's "wedgie" as a screensaver or desktop ... ;) Naughty ... and nice!

(And yes, we know this is a screenshot from a film and not "art" per se ... but some of us feel that Wedge Antilles's backside IS a work of art! It would certainly explain his pilots' obsession with it ...)

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