Wedding Foundation
Diana deRiggs
Rated R

"What's the matter, Skywalker? I thought you were happily married?"

The sight which met Luke's eyes left him breathless and dry. He wished he had a fraction of the composure which his sister Leia was famous for ... but it seemed that he inherited none. So, he chose to babble like some primal beast when his wife took off her wedding dress and stood before him in those foundation garments brides wear ....

"Uh ... gah ..."

Mara Jade smirked. "Don't tell me you didn't know what you were in for when you said 'I do' this afternoon." She cocked her head and assessed her new husband, "Though I suppose its not too late to ask for a refund?"

"Nuh ... nooo ... M ... M ..."

Mara shrugged the robe off her shoulders in a move that seemed to be liquid. The covering clung to her as it slipped slowly down, pooling and her feet. She stepped out of the rumbled pile of fabric, the long loincloth moving audibly and not at all subtly.

"Now, Skywalker ... if I'm returning you, I don't want to be embarassed by questions regarding the attempted consummation of our union. I'm sure you would find it mortifying if it became a matter of public record."

Mara was slowly, langorously undoing the tiny buttons which held the loincloth to the corset. Luke watched with glazed eyes as she fingered the straps which held the cloth in a skirt-like configuration.

Try as he might, the Jedi Master still could not get his mouth and his brain to work together. Fortunately, that wasn't the part of his body his new wife was concentrating on.

"It might help you to calm down if you can undo these ties." She stepped very close to him so that his nose was level with her bellybutton. In fact, she was so close that when he looked up, he felt like he was under a cliff!

He reached up to touch the first tie on his wife's wedding underclothes, but was met with a slap!

"No hands, Skywalker," she said, allowing an evil smile to play over her. "You know, when one acquires a pet, it's best to lay a foundation for future behavior. Think of tonight as our foundation."

Luke looked up at her with fear and real excitement in his eyes. She pushed his head — none too gently — so he was forced to press his mouth against the first of those myriad ties on that darned corset!

"Skywalker, I'm waiting ... though I won't say for how long ..."

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