Voort O'Binring: Piggy Wae Hae! by Wraith6

Wraith Squadron is in possession of the only known well-tempered member of the Gamorrean race. No one else seems to know of his existance, so Voort saBinring (a.k.a. Piggy of Binring Biomedical) can enter any planet disguised as a hired thug -- the customs agents were normally too terrified of the drooling, violent pig-beast to actually dare to stop him! Piggy knew this of course, but his soul still suffered a bit at being thought of as a mass of brainless brawn. He wore the traditional garb of a Gamorrean guard for these forays into enemy territory, but he did find the costume a bit immodest -- the furry thing was a bit "mini." His compromise? Well, it seems the Scotch-Irish of earth sometimes suffered as Piggy did -- good fellows but strapped down by stereotypes, even when the perception could be used to advantage. Is it coincidence that Piggy chose a tartan kilt as a more modest covering, discretely placed beneath his fur? Or that his undercover name was often "Voort O'Binring"? Piggy wae hae!

Voort O'Binring

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