Vader in Disguise?
MaceVindaloo & dieFledermaus
Rated PG

It can be assumed that Vader has his material and physical needs delivered to him, and knowing Anakin Skywalker's abilities, he probably built what he needed himself, or improved on existing things. But when he was Obi-wan's apprentice, the older man would be exasperated at Anakin's preference to trade for thins on his own, cluttering his room and the corridor outside with half-finished projects. Most were awaiting the right bits and though impatient, Anakin would not have a problem searching for the things he needed.

But as Darth Vader, he was highly recognizable and would not be able to barter as he once did ... but he missed it. Did he ever try to disguise himself and go shopping at the mall? Or at the many lower-level flea markets?

What would a disguised Vader look like? Knowing he needed the iron lung, he could disguise himself as a 'droid or a stormtrooper. Or maybe he wore a different colored helmet and clothes reminiscent of his beige desert garb? Perhaps people thought he was a Vader groupie in this costume?

There is no evidence he ever did this, of course, and this holo found floating around the 'net could actually be a groupie, rather than the Dark Lord in disguise? Or maybe Anakin did go so far to re-live a part of his former life? Then again, what would Vader be doing in the housewares section of a shop at the mall?!?

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