Universal Chill
Csillag & Diana
Rated PG

Every world, every universe has cold. And cold, for whatever reason, is paired with the concept of evil. It's the chills through your bones, the bleakness and vulnerability, the physical and psychological desperation incited by cold has been used by nearly every author to convey hopelessness and the effects of rampant evil ... or maybe it's simply the fear of death?

Universal Chills: LOTR | Hogwart's | Narnia | Serenity


Hoth is an obvious first choice when talking about cold in the GFFA, but cold is a feature of Tatooine. Being a desert planet, the nights can offer relief from the heat, but being caught outside at night not only exposes you to cold, but to attack by the sandpeople, or by nocturnal animals on the hunt.

Luke remembers reading about "smow" but never experiencing. The closest he knew was "dust storms." In the gulley between his family's farm and the Darklighter compound, fine yellowish dust would settle on the trees the water-moghul was growing. He imagined that "snow" looked like this ... of course, he realized how mistaken he was when he got to Hoth!

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