Universal Chill
Csillag & Diana
Rated PG

Every world, every universe has cold. And cold, for whatever reason, is paired with the concept of evil. It's the chills through your bones, the bleakness and vulnerability, the physical and psychological desperation incited by cold has been used by nearly every author to convey hopelessness and the effects of rampant evil ... or maybe it's simply the fear of death?

Universal Chills: Hogwart's | Star Wars | Lord of the Rings | Serenity


Narnia had been under the grip of Her Imperial Majesty Jadis, also known as the White Witch. In the absence of Aslan (which symbolizes good, and perhaps heat?), the Chatelaine of Cair Paravel took over and covered all of Narnia in a blanket of cold. Knowing what we know about cold being the absence of heat, it was more likely she sucked the very energy out of the land and its peoples.

Beings from "our world" often entered Narnia through chinks and chasms in the rocks, or through other means, like the wardrobe the Penvesie children found accidentally. However, they could not enter from the skies, for it was a dome impenetrable by mortals.

The flying horse, Fledge, was actually the cab-pulling earth horse, formerly called Strawberry, who was chosen to become a talking creature and who also acquired wings. If you look carefully, Strawberry / Fledge is flying over the chilly landscape, hiding and peeking amongst the clouds.

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