Universal Chill
Csillag & Diana
Rated PG

Every world, every universe has cold. And cold, for whatever reason, is paired with the concept of evil. It's the chills through your bones, the bleakness and vulnerability, the physical and psychological desperation incited by cold has been used by nearly every author to convey hopelessness and the effects of rampant evil ... or maybe it's simply the fear of death?

Universal Chills: Hogwart's | Star Wars | Narnia | Serenity


The Nazgul of Middle Earth tended to affect the souls and landscapes they encounter. But when they are nowhere about, the clearness of the skies and the cleanliness of the air is indescribable. Even the chill they'd left behind in heart and soul would feel bracing and antiseptic, in a good way!

Samwise Gamgee, the loyal gardener who promised to accompany "Mister Frodo" to the ends of Middle Earth (though not beyond), was greeted by this sight after Frodo had been directly attacked by the Witch King. Terrified that two of the Nazgul had stayed behind, he needed to be calmed. They were tall, dark trees, and it was cold, freezing the moisture in the air right onto the branches.

Merry and Pippin had to remind Sam that this was snow, like at North Farthing, back by the Shire. He felt sheepish, but one could excuse the loyal hobbit for being skittish on behalf of Mister Frodo. Though he did admit that other than his panic, seeing the trees felt a whole lot better than encountering the Nazgul.

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