Universal Chill
Csillag & Diana
Rated PG

Every world, every universe has cold. And cold, for whatever reason, is paired with the concept of evil. It's the chills through your bones, the bleakness and vulnerability, the physical and psychological desperation incited by cold has been used by nearly every author to convey hopelessness and the effects of rampant evil ... or maybe it's simply the fear of death?


In the episode The Messenger, former Pvt. Tracy had gotten himself into a heck of a situation. In an effort to get enough money to move his family from their homestead on a desolate, frozen planet where it was never warm, he had agreed to smuggle enhanced organs, with him serving as incubator. The organs are valuable — and not yet legal. But bad enough he was smuggling them, he had found another buyer for the goods and was now running from the criminals to whom he's originally contracted!

Alas, Tracy had endangered the crew of Serenity, and when push comes to shove, Captain Mal Reynolds was more loyal to his crew than to Tracy. The Private had counted on Mal's sentimentality to help him ... but Tracy should not have threatened to kill Kaylee!

They delivered his body to his family, as they'd promised they would. His family did indeed live on an icy, snow-infested planet. The ground was frozen in permafrost; Reynolds and his first-mate Zoe Alleyn helped dig the grave for their former comrade. If you look carefully, you can see the grave at the base of the highest tree, which is backlit at its tip by Serenity's engines as they said their final goodbye to Tracy and his family.

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