Trophy Wife
Diana & Pika-So
Rated PG

In AU, all things are possible, but alternative universe tales are best when the possibilities limned really are possible. Meaning, except for a twist of fate or a modicum of luck, THIS would have been canon ... (It's like living in hyperspace instead of normal/real space ...)

Thrawn McEwok is one of the best at AU which skirts canon, and can convince you that he's right, no matter how non-introspective you may be. You all remember that Lando Calrissian and Mara Jade were undercover in search of Jorj Car'das, and they shared ... well, everything. It doesn't take much to think of them as a couple, even with Mara's spunk and tendency to go off on her own. In a tale called Trophy, Thrawn explains much.

And she is a bit younger than Lando ... and her physical description (green eyes, red hair, body of a dancer) would certainly qualify her for trophy wife status for a man like Lando, who tends to fall into very important positions. Certainly, a man of his cleverness and position would find a way to make her stay put ...?

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