X-Wing: Gus Treta: The Home I Should Have Had
Sculpting, paint, repairs, modifications by Gillian F. Taylor
Photographs by Astronut
Rated G

I first built the model a few years ago using a plastic kit. which dates from around the mid 90's in its last release. I'd already built this model twice before (I like X-wings !). One I'd painted white with orange-red markings, and the other a very light grey with darker red markings.I wanted to make another one to paint it in the personalized colour scheme that Wedge uses when they are operating independently in 'The Bacta War'.

Wedge describes how he wants his X-wing painted:

"Make everything from the cockpit back, black, including the S-foils, and give me a green-and-gold check pattern on the front fuselage."

He then explains his choice to Tycho.

"Back when my parents operated a fuelling station on Gus Treta, my father was saving up to buy the station and start his own chain. The green, gold and black were going to be the colours he used for the logo and uniforms ... (my colours) will tie me back to the home I should have had."

I painted the model like that, following the angle of the canopy's rear section with the line between black and checks. This meant the checks were angled, which I think looks rather good. Unfortunately the kit comes with an R2 astromech, not an R5 which is what Wedge should have in this ship. The pilot is a very basic figure, dressed in a one-piece jumpsuit with no detailing, and a plain helmet. I painted on appropriate detail, like the flak vest and harness attachments, and gave the figure Wedge's helmet design.

I had the model on display with the other two for some time, but they were taken down when the flat was renovated, got damaged, and ended up gathering dust. When AstroNut sent me a lovely pair of space shuttle orbiter earrings, I thought of sending Wedge's X-wing to her in return. I knew she'd appreciate the X-wing, especially in Wedge's colours. All four laser cannons had broken off at some point, but luckily I'd kept them safe. I had to drill holes in both the cannons and the mounts on the S-foils, and pin them together with slender metal pins, then glue. I was worried that they'd get broken in transit, and padded them very carefully so they wouldn't get bent together and snapped.

I sent Wedge by air mail, which seemed the most appropriate. However, being an adventurous sort, he took a diversion somewhere, and showed up some three weeks late. I'd pretty much given up hope, but Rogues, especially Wedge, are famously difficult to lose, and he reappeared safely, and intact, to cheers all round.

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