Sunset Bridge
Rated PG

Harry Potter had a special bond with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in many ways, including being able to see and feel what the other was doing. This ability first became apparent to Harry in his sleep; often, he'd literally see what Voldemort was seeing. But sometimes, he'd simply dream his own fears, or his dreams would twine with whatever Voldermort was doing.

In one particular dream, he dreamt of a plain landscape with a deep-cut river in daylight, but as it approached sunset, he saw something else ...

He woke up in a sweat, for the snake — Voldemort's familiar — showed up in Harry's dreams. He was fighting it, but for some reason, the vision of the snake would not cross over a bridge set over a slow river. What did the setting sun have to do with it?

Maybe it's an oracle ... or maybe just a bad dream!

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