Star Wars Spooktacular!
by MaceVindaloo, Csillag, Fluffy, ThePlazaQueen

When any of the Star Wars crowd assembles on a "Day of the Dead" type of festival, they like to carve pumpkins of things that scare them ... the better to give definition to your fears and a chance to ridicule them if only for a night! Various Alliance folk had rather predictable fears ... Han Solo fears Boba Fett; Princess Leia has nightmares about Darth Vader; Obiwan Kenobi has never forgiven Darth Maul for murdering his master, Qui-gon (even when he was a ghost!); and Luke Skywalker's greatest fear? Master Yoda ... Whatever the shape of your demons, get those knives and spoons out and start hacking away!

The GFFA "Axis of Evil"

Start by evicerating your evil pumpkin!

Darth Maul, who looks evil even as a pumpkin!

Luke fears Master Yoda more than having faced Vader and the Emperor.

Princess Leia would have to suppress her screams of horror upon seeing this mask and silhouette, even long after she'd forgiven Anakin Skywalker.

Han Solo's personal nightmare was the spectre of the bounty hunter supreme, Boba Fett.

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