Starry-Eyed Twi'lek by Princess Chippy

Starry eyed Twi'lek by PrincessChippy

The young Princess of Naboo was interning with the Queen's handmaidens, who were attending to Her Highness's wardrobe. They had invited designers from throughout the galaxy to create new clothing for the Queen. After Queen Amidala had traveled to Tatooine and to Coruscant, she desired a more diverse, interesting gown. PrincessChippy was assigned to accompany the designers to the presentation rooms, and she talked to a Twi'lek who was so excited -- this was her first design presentation! The Princess learned that Twi'lek females were highly desired as servants throughout the galaxy, but this one was determined to have a "real" job as an independent dress designer! The four-year-old PrincessChippy drew the Twi'lek walking to the castle wearing a light, draped cape, with stars in her eyes and a glow around her head!