Sour Rosettes
Csillag & Diana
Rated G

Leia's Aunt Celly was trying very hard to raise Bail Organa's daughter in the correct manner to be an Alderaanian princess. But young Leia was not making the task easy!

Part of being a princess was to serve others. Celly had lectured the willful young princess on the niceties of the table, and that if someone asked for tea, you were to ask if they wished to have sweetener, cream, or a lemon. Leia, being a young girl, poured all three into a cup and wailed with dismay when the cream curdled in the acidic juice!

Celly scolded the girl for being greedy. "You can have cream OR lemon. Not both, or you'll get curdling. And if a person asks for lemon, you must not squeeze it into the cup for them, but present a wedge on the edge of the cup for them to squeeze it in as they wish."

So after supper, when it was her responsibility to serve the tea, Leia asked everyone at the table if they'd like lemon? Knowing that Leia was being trained to serve tea, everyone at the table requested lemon, especially her Aunt Celly. "I would like extra lemon, please, your highness," said the aunt, wondering how Leia would handle the request?

Bail Organa, Leia's father, bellowed with laughter when his young daughter served her aunt her tea — with extra lemon! Everyone teased the elderly spinster about how she would drink her tea with that lovely rosette of lemons arranged over the whole cup ... and she'd be a sour lady indeed if she managed to put all the lemon juice into her tea!

Celly smiled, a mix of wan tiredness and shocked endurance. Leia had gotten the better of her again ... though she'd continue to make sure the young princess's rosettes were less ... sour ... in the future!

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