Solari Sunset by
Solari has a sister planet, Rutan, home of the war-like people of that dry planet. To ensure peace, a royal child of Solari is exchanged with a royal child of Rutan and raised. It is hoped that the children will have empathy and rule the double-planetary system wisely and with compassion.

Obiwan, as a young Padawan, helped break a plot to unsettle this uneasy peace, and wistfully looked at the sunset before leaving. Later in his life, it would seem that he was preoccupied with sunsets and goodbyes, all his life.

This one seems to point to something, leading Obiwan into the planet. He didn't like leaving, but it was his mission as a Jedi to complete an assignment, then to lay it aside to prepare for the next. Eventually, he will be responsible for the greatest of missions, and it would not be laid aside.

The memory of this sunset will comfort him in his long years on a desert planet.