Simplicity® Star Wars Patterns

Pattern # 4443: Misses Star Warriors Costumes
Senator Amidala, Princess Leia

Pattern #4450: Mens Space Warriors Costumes
Anakin Skywalker, Tion Medon, Obiwan Kenobi

Pattern #4433: Child, Girl, Misses Starfighter Costumes
Padmé, Aayla Secura

Simplicity patterns have come out with a line of Star War patterns. They really look great!!!

Wish they had come out before Celebration3 — I wouldn't have had to work so hard on redesigning the patterns I had.

I am still going to buy all three and keep in my collection of costume patterns. Can hardly wait until Trish Biggar's book comes out.

JoAnn's fabric store is now carrying Star Wars fabric in cotton and fleece prints. The picture is a fight scene on the Mustafar, between Anakin and Obi-wan. The fleece is printed on a panel to be cut into coverlets.

And already have one for my daughter. All it needs to be sewn all around the 4 edges and she will be ready to cozy up in the winter!

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