The Senator and the Jedi, Come to Life!

Padmé's Costume: I credit my sister for helping me make the corset. She is a master sewer. And thanks to the Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Prequel Costumes website for my inspiration on costumes, as I read and looked at the pictures many, many times to try to make my own designs.

Jedi Costume: I used patterns but I redesigned them to fit better. I also read through the Jedi's costuming section to make my son's costume. The leggings I made my own pattern from the website. I think in all it took me about a month to make them. I only measured them once since they live in another city and fittings were next to impossible.

Models and Photo Credit: The children of PadawanRose, at Celebration3, Indianapolis, IN, 2005.

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