Colonel Antar Roat
Rated PG

So I was rereading a bit of Isard's Revenge and realized I couldn't picture Wedge with a beard. So I thought I'd have a bit of fun.

Wedge from Chewbacca: A Pilot's Anecdote. The original picture credit goes to John Nadeau.

Wedge with full Roat disguise

Wedge with Roat disguise and beard

He looks a bit like a pirate. (Actually, I think he had a magnifying lense instead of the red lense, but, well, this was easier.)

Wedge with blue contact

Wedge with blue contact and beard

Wedge with beard

Note: Colonel Antar Roat was depicted by Wedge Antilles as a man so injured that half his face and his right hand were replaced by non-humanistic cybernetics. Although it's clear that these would have altered Antille's physical lines and appearance enough to avoid being discovered, it's not known if the real Colonel Roat had these cybernetics, too.

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