Anakin's Not-So-Imaginary Friend
by PandaCat

Poor Anakin Solo! His parents each have multiple death marks on their heads, so he was sent away in infancy with Dame Winter to live on an uncharted asteroid for his own protection. Winter, who's life was devoted to service to Leia and the Organas, actually enjoyed the chance to be a "mommy." Her devotion to Leia precluded having a family of her own. But Anakin did often get lonely; his siblings Jacen and Jayna had each other, but he had no one to play with. So one afternoon when he was left alone, he decided to build himself a friend from things he found around the apartment. Imagine Winter's surprise when she encountered "Rainster" waddling around the place! Anakin told her, "I made it! He's part rainbow, part monster, part robot, and part octopus!" The resemblance to C3PO and R2D2 was obvious, and Winter thought the "hat" was rather Nemoidian ... perhaps Anakin had seen holos of the nearly extinct race while Winter thought he was snoozing on her lap while she was working? (It's rough being named for the biggest tinkerer in the galaxy, and to have his genetic gifts, too!)

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