Bathtime for the Crown Princess
Iella & Pika-So

When you are the sole grandchild of the former Princess Leia, you are a princess of many systems, whether you know it or not! In Iella's AU story At the Oasis, Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila have settled down on Tatooine and are raising a family. Fortunately for the galaxy, the precocious tyke will soon be joined by another heir. Let's follow her on her daily abulations:

Saving the galaxy from evil housepets — like the appropriately named Darth Pitten — is a heavily underrated task! Her uncle Jacen is a holovid star with his own wildlife show, and a predilection for visiting Tatooine with unsolicited gifts from his travels. The formerly wild animals can occasionally exceed their welcome, and it is up to Padmé Amidala Skywalker Solo to set them right! Tahiri asks ... "Anakin, where did those lightsabres come from, or are you going to pretend she made them herself ... again??"

Having saved the galaxy from the naughty Darth Pitten, Princess Paddy (as she prefers to be addressed) can sometimes be found imbibing in a 'droid service bay, enjoying a soak. Note the "duck" — this is a gift from her Great Uncle Luke Skywalker, who's journey to knowledge of the Force started with the innocent question, "What's a duck?"

Alas, the very young Paddy Solo has apparently inherited her Great Grandmother Padmé's and Grandmother Leia's predilection toward ornate hairstyles, but at this age, she's still quite hairless. But never mind ... the princess that she is, she shows the galaxy that a towel makes a very handy replacement for her tresses yet to be!

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