Pillow for Rebel Heads

Pillow for Rebel Heads

Ysanne Isard certainly deserves Ben Kenobi's "twisted and evil" description; we've learned that Anakin Skywalker was more pathetic than twisted ... Isard, however, was purely evil. An example? When Tycho Celchu refused to fire on rebel craft while undergoing the brainwashing process on the Lusankya, she decided to try altering his mind on a more fundamental level and had him do needlework as a sort of "prison rehab" activity. He was to sew pillows emblazoned with the symbol of the Empire on them!

Something this simple and innocuous would invade his brain on a less conflicting level, or so the Imperial psychologists thought. But no matter how they tortured him to sew the pillows with the blue Imperial crest, Tycho managed to find orange fabric and thread and create pillows with the New Republic/Rebel crest instead! (If he didn't find any, he's sew the blue fabric into the rebel crest design and line with orange thread ...)

Pillow for Rebel Heads

Tycho remembered that the Rebels learned to sew these while on
Hoth, when they learned to make blankets to keep warm and busy while waiting for the Empire to find them ...

Jan, Ulor and other prisoners hid these from the guards to protect Tycho from beatings and further torture, and also to rest their heads on, to have rebel-inspired dreams!