At the Oasis: Padmé Solo
Iella, Leia

The finest creation one can make is arguably something that can't necessarily made at will ... or even expectedly. In her Alternative Universe multi-part story At the Oasis, Iella introduces the first child of Anakin and Tahiri Solo, the first granddaughter of Leia and Han Solo, named for Padmé Naberrie, wife of Anakin Skywalker, who is still alive in Iella's AU story! Isn't she a big, beautiful, red-haired baby?? Here she is in Grandma's arms, only minutes old.

She kind of looks like Grandpa Anakin here, but she's been undercover for 9 months. She's got that Force choke maneuver down already!

What IS that creature on Padmé Solo's blankie?? It's a specially bred albino miniature bantha. They're smaller and have much less hair and fur, and are created to be easy-to-manage housepets. It's a gift from Jacen, the holostar animal wrangler. Isn't it cute?

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