Senator Amidala's Sleepgown
Csillag, DancingQueen, Diana, Pika-So

Senator Amidala looks a bit upset at being awoken from a nap ... she's well-snuggled under the blankets, looking totally warm and comfortable. But mysteriously, she was up just minutes later looking completely dressed. What's the secret? She never takes off the dress for naps -- it's so much time and trouble to redo the hair, re-lace and re-sew the gown, that she actually naps in her gowns! But in this case, she actually loved the pillow and blanket she received from a very young Twi'lek girl (a native of Ryloth) who was hoping to be a textile and dress designer, that Amidala commissioned two gowns from it!

Pregnant with her husband's children, she found these gowns ideal for napping during those formative months, when she was unable to see Anakin during the Clone Wars ...

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