OOGAH! A Corellian Jedi!

Before Neeja Halcyon left for the Clone Wars, his young son Valin -- who was training as his Jedi Apprentice -- made him a special "jedcred." The originals are coins struck with the likeness of the Jedi once he gained Knight status, but Valin's tribute was a homemade personalized chain to wear as a bracelet or around a formal tie as decoration. It had the colors of the Corellian Jedi, and the boy even managed to duplicate his family fabric pattern in beadwork, as well as draw his bearded father in his formal robes. It was the only decorative and sentimental item Neeja took with him off-system. The "Oogah!" was the battle cry the two Halcyons used between them, a personal thing shared between father and son, and between master and apprentice. Though Neeja couldn't hear his son say it, he knew Valin called out after the departing starship, "Oogah -- for the Corellian Jedi!"

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