Poster: No Apologies Crème Brulée
Diana deRiggs, Rosie, Hermi2, MaceVindaloo

Very often, instructions on how to make something are not quite enough. It helps to SEE the actual process or method. Crème Brulée is one such dish -- it seems hard despite its short list of ingredients (only four!), with all its "do nots" in the average recipe and the fear of turning out "sweet scrambled eggs" rather than a velvety smooth concoction with a crispy candy shell. But failing personal cooking lessons, how about a color-your-own, follow-along kitchen poster, to stick on your fridge? Follow the instructions step-by-step for a delectable dessert with a big WOW factor -- sure to impress everyone! And if not, then do as the great and late Julia Child advised: "Never apologize!"

Want an illustrated recipe? Click here!

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