Necklace for Padmé as Occupational Therapy

Anakin told Pamé he was good with his hands, as long as they were embracing a machine or a 'droid. After his short-lived duel with Count Dooku — a.k.a. Lord Tyrannus — Anakin was forced to accept a prosthetic right arm just above the elbow where Dooku had cut it off. Physical therapy was dictated for several months, but Anakin Skywalker did not intend to stay apart from Padmé Naberrie for long, and worked hard to collapse the time required to mere hours. How did he do it? He's powerful in the Force, of course, but he created his own therapy: Anakin forced himself to string a fine row of tiny beads, looping them for effect, to regain his fine motor control. The medics and healers were amazed at his progress, and thus were able to release him immediately so he could take the lovely senator back home.

Anakin gave the string of beads to his new wife before he left Naboo to return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He looked at the necklace around her throat and admired how they reflected the glow of the Naboo sunset. He remembered how he magnetized his middle finger to hold the tiny ferrite beads in place to thread them, so he would not miss this opportunity to be with Padmé. "I'm better with you than without you Padmé," he had told her, but he thought he was also better with 'droid parts instead of human flesh and bone, too!

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