Neboo the Pitten

Once upon a time when the Princess of Alderaan was half-asleep, she heard her aunts talk about a magical land called "Naboo," from whence they had come. When she awoke, she couldn't remember the pronunciation exactly, and it bothered her.

Her father, Bail Organa, had thought to give the young girl a pet -- a pitten -- to teach her responsibility for another creature. He wanted her to understand that caring for another creature was a full time occupation. How did he know to give her a pitten and not some other animal? He found a drawing Leia had done of an animal with the name "NEBOO" over it's head. And was that a flower at the end of the name? Or a crown ...? He did recognize "Naboo," and remembered his promise to her mother to make her conscious of her terrible responsibilites ...

He also scolded Leia's aunts to be more careful about what they said around her, awake or asleep!

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