Hagrid's Smiling Garden Guard
by Fluffy, MadamePince

Any time the air got nippy, you can be sure that Hagrid was readying for the harvesting of pumpkins for the All Hallow's Eve feast at Hogwart's! He needs hundreds of them to be carved into jack-o-lanterns to light up the Great Hall that evening, in place of the usual bare candles suspended in the air above the students. Where does he store the gourds till then? Unfortuately, there is no storehouse large enough, so he piles them outside his hut where he can keep an eye on them. But when he's not there, he has "Mr. Smiley" stand watch ... he normally sits on Hagrid's hearth indoors, but on the first suspicion that someone is playing with the pumpkins, out he goes into the garden! Does he attack? Does he screech? No! He does something MUCH scarier! He YODELS a "Hi-de-ho, come play with me!" Any miscreants are terrified by the "too-friendly" pumpkin head rushing toward them, and they RUN!