Mothers Are Sexy, Wonderful People, Too! by Pika-So

It's mother's day, and it seems the GFFA saga is the story of mothers who made some "interesting" choices. Pika-So made a collage of mothers and children significant not only to the Star Wars universe, but to the Wookieehut Fanfic world. Remember that your mother is an accomplished, funny, sexy, sacrificing being, who does it all for you; to paraphrase Kyle Katarn, she's a person, too!

GFFA Mother's Day

Who are these women? From left to right, top to bottom: Sabé ... Padmé ... Shmi ... Jobal ... Beru ... Ryoo ... Pooja ... Sola ... Padmé ... Mara ... jaina ... Luke ... Mara ... Ben-Jhon ... Leia ... and the wedding of Anakin and Padmé, over it all.

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