What Goes Around, Comes Around
Pika-So, Dancing Queen, Rosie

When Leia was a very young girl, her aunts and father instilled a sense of responsibility for those less fortunate. She did many projects for refugees, accompanied by her companion, Winter, including making
blankets. Her aunt Celly insisted that none of the scraps be wasted, so Leia invented a couple of different scarf styles that required minimal sewing.

Leia would be taken with her load of blankets and scarves to distribute the results of her labor. The gratitude of the children filled her heart, and she became devoted to public service. But after the children left Alderaan to settle elsewhere or to return to their planets, Leia was realistic and didn't expect to hear from them again, and she realized that the blankets would wear out or be recycled to create more needed items. So she didn't think she'd ever see any of the scarves again.

When Leia was imprisoned on Tatooine, she was forced to wear the now-famous metal bikini. Though it was a desert planet, the nights were freezing cold, and the dancing slaves would huddle together for warmth when not attending to their large, repulsive master. The girls on the outside of the huddled mass would be given sweaters and scarves ... and Leia did a doubletake when she first saw them. Were these the scarves she'd made a decade ago?? She thought hard, and remembered that there were many Twi'lek girls among the refugees. Had they been captured and sold into slavery as they left Alderaan ...?

When it was Leia's turn to be on the outside of the "sleeping ball," she found it hard to sleep, remembering the hours she and Winter knotted and sewed the scarf she wore around her neck ...

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