Kneazle vs. Animagus

Hermione's pet is often mistaken for a cat, but in fact Crookshanks is half-kneazle, half-cat. Kneazles are closely related to cats and can interbreed with them, but are much more intelligent and have a strong ability to detect suspicious behavior and can fly. Crookshanks has also been mistaken for an animagus, due to his intelligence and seeming ability to communicate. He realizes that Ron's pet, Scabbers, is an animagus and stalks him to kill him. However, Crookshanks likes Sirius, Harry's godfather, who befriends the kneazle even while in animagus dog form — so it's not the animagus part Crookshanks distrusts.

Ron learns to trust Crookshanks's suspicions, and it's possible tha the kneazle will play a larger role in the final book of the Harry Potter series!

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