JChen's Bodacious Star Wars Wallpapers
By JChen

JChen claims that her fanfic wasn't so good, but she does excell at assembling and designing wallpapers of those who might be pilots. And those with the Force. And those she simply likes, as well as loves! She does us all a great service by allowing them to be downloaded, wow! Right-click on the smaller images below and "Save Target As" (on a Mac, press the mouse and hold it down till the menu appears) then browse the location where you want the image saved. They're 800 x 600. Be nice and give credit to whom it's due, right? Thank you, JChen — we love you! (And we bet your fanfic isn't bad, either!)

Naberrie-Organa-Solo wallpaper, by JChen

Mara Jade Skywalker wallpaper, by JChen

Solo Children wallpaper, by JChen

Jaina Solo wallpaper, by JChen

Jacen Solo wallpaper, by JChen

Anakin Solo wallpaper, by JChen

Corran Horn wallpaper, by JChen

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