Leia: Portrait of an Incorrigible Princess
Pika-so, Diana, Csillag
Rated G

Leia Organa was an incorrigible child. She disliked all the trappings of state and power. Fortunately for Leia, her father, Bail, took that to be a good sign. He said it meant that Leia had her own mind and would follow her own heart, no matter how ridiculous the result.

But that didn't make life for her caretakers and teachers any simpler. They'd try to at least get Leia to respect the need for ceremony and decorum, even if she didn't like it. Though they stopped pressing her so hard after one particular incident, where Leia had apparently decided to compromise and follow what she thought was the spirit of the law ...

In particular, Leia hated having masses of long hair, which had to be pinned up into a variety of ceremonial and decorative styles. So one day, she cut it all off, but then remembering she had promised to wear the traditional Alderaanian double-bun hairstyle for an important guest that evening. Leia panicked, not wanting to displease her father, but then smelled something familiar from the palace kitchens ... cinnamon sticky buns!

Thinking fast, she ran downstairs with her head wrapped in a towel, and snagged the whole tray of the warm treats before anyone could stop her! She retreated to her room and got to work, making sure the ones she chose were really big and really sticky ...

And when she came downstairs, her aunts were horrified and shocked; some even fainted. Her father, in contrast, couldn't stop laughing! "Leia certainly has her own mind," he crowed, as he wiped the tears of mirth from his eyes. Immediately, he commissioned the palace artist — a man named Palo, formerly of Naboo — to paint Leia's portrait — right then, right there. Bail wanted it hung in his office and in his chambers. He wanted it to be called, "Leia: Portrait of an Incorrigible Princess." And so it was!

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