A (Mostly) Merry Christmas Card

After Draco Malfoy had ratted out Harry, Ron and Hermione the night they witnessed the birth of Norbert the dragon, they had to serve detention together. Though Draco had to share in their punishment, the three still felt Draco needed to be taught a lesson ... but they needn't have worried. Hagrid, to thank them for helping him during their detention, invited all four of them to his hut.

It was officially part of their detention, but Hagrid had in mind to have a little party for the kids. Draco whinged and moaned about having to see that oaf, but the other three forced him to come. The figured they'd enjoy Draco's discomfort at having to visit the half-giant's home again.

Hagrid gave the four gifts of things he'd made himself! Ron and Harry each got a Christmas hat; Hermione got a crown and ice skates! Draco got a gift too — a headband with deerhorns mounted on it! Laughing happily, Harry and Ron forced Draco to wear a deerskin suit that Hagrid had from his youth, and they rubbed the Slytherin boy's nose with a cut maraschino cherry.

Hagrid loved the results and managed to take a picture, just before Draco tore off the costume and stormed out of the hut! "It'll cost you three in the future, humiliating Malfoy like that," giggled Hagrid.

"But it was worth it!" chimed the three guests! And they asked Hagrid for copies of the picture after it was developed, so they could use it as their own Christmas card. (Bet Draco was NOT happy about that ...)

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