I Enjoy Being a (Human) Girl!

In Interspecies Meeting, Sana Komad Vrakil met Serren Klivian, each teen dressed as they wished they could be, rather than who they really were. The son of Hobbie Klivian didn't like being a "common" human boy, and the adopted daughter of Nrin Vrakil and Koyi Komad hated being a Twi'lek.

She hated it so much that she took to dressing up her lekku with human-like synth-hair and wearing more human-like clothing. No one knew of her predilection because she did it in the privacy of her own room at home.

Her father had built her a full-length "princess" style mirror for her birthday, expecting she'd play dress-up in front of it like other girls. She did, but she was trying out looking like a human! Here she is, singing the ever-popular intergalactic song, "I Enjoy Being a Girl" but changing the words a bit:

When I have a brand new hairdo
With my cute little skirt a-twirl,
I walk solid like humans do,
I'm a total human girl!

Wonder what her parents would think of that?

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