Healing on the Cinnabar Moon
Rated PG

The Cinnabar Moon was initially named for its mercury mines (the mercury-rich ore is calle cinnabar), but in time, it became a spa resort. There were geothermal, water-rich springs and the moon was well-known as a convalescence location.

It was here the Han finally managed to bring Leia after her near-death torture on Duro. She had lost her legs, but they'd been re-attached successfully. However, she had a long road, detailed in the ebook Recovery. It was not only the place she recovered her life and her physical self. It was where she and Han reconciled their broken marriage. Han came to terms with Chewbacca's death, and Leia came to terms with her role as Han's co-pilot. It was also where she decided she would put her energies into training as a Jedi Knight, something she'd avoided all her life.

A large part of her therapy was to walk around the lake, which was rather austere and lifeless, as expected on a mercury-rich soil. But in her arduous daily trek, it gave her a lot of time to think and remember. And she remembered her beloved Alderaan, walking aorund the lake with her parents, as a toddler. I have to relearn to walk, like the firs time, she coached herself.

As they healed their marriage, Han and Leia talked about everything, including Leia's ruminations about her parents on Alderaan. In secret, he painted the scene as she described it, intent on giving it to her as a gift. Whether he did or not, is between them.

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