Happy Christmas ... Not!

Hermione went running up the Gryffindor stairs in tears, and was completely distraught about something ... She ploughed right through Harry, who was coming down the stairs in the other direction. He hadn't had a chance to get out of the way before she shoved him aside on her run upstairs to the girls' dormitory.

Wondering what could have upset her so much, Harry walked carefully down the stairs, but found the Gryffindor commonroom empty ... except for Ron, who was sitting by the big fireplace, which was cold. There was a balled up piece of wrapping paper sitting on the un-lit embers, and Ron was sulking.

Harry didn't bother asking. He just picked up the paper and opened it up, smoothing it out. He had figured that Hermione's tears was somehow related to Ron and this ball of paper. And this is what he saw!:

He narrowed his eyes at Ron, "That was rotten of you! Why'd you put my face on there?"

Ron didn't look at him, "It's not you. There's no scar. It's Krum as an old git."

Harry sighed, "You thought she'd think this was from Krum, didn't you ... You're a moron, Ron Weasley."

"Yeah," mumbled Ron. "Guess she got the joke."

They sat in silence.

"You can't go up to the girls' dorm, Ron. You'll have to make it up to her when she's good and ready," advised Harry.

"Yeah," agreed Ron. "Well ... Happy Christmas, Harry."

"Yeah," replied Harry. "Happy Christmas ... not!"

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