Stolen From the Celchu Household? by Rosie, Diana, Pika-So

If your whole world is destroyed and gone -- all your relatives, your home, your friends, all your stuff ... what do you try to replace? For Tycho Celchu, no replacement was possible and he simply abandoned everything he had, in order to go on living and start anew. His intention was to "live enough for everyone who had died." But when this set of dishes was presented for sale at auction, he did a double-take and had to revise his "no replacement" policy. Was this the set with which his mother had served tea and meals to her children? The bright flowers and clean lines of the porcelain china were something Tycho had not seen other than in his mother's house -- not even on all of Alderaan. Where had they come from?

According to Rise of the House of Celchu, perhaps she had brought them over from Naboo? In any case, when he saw them offered at an Outer Rim auction, he had to have them. That they were offered at auction on Tatooine indicated the seller was hiding something, but he didn't care. They were likely stolen -- he was aghast that his mother's house might have been robbed before Alderaan was destroyed -- but he'd do anything to have them! Makes you wonder where his mother had gotten them ... The dishes inspired the story Bouquet of Flowers, which explains the history and provenance of the dishes, though Tycho may still be in the dark about them!

Detail of the repeating pattern. Tycho always thought there was some significance to the flowers.

Place setting, as Tycho remembered his mother setting out the plates for afternoon caf and tea for company and for her children.

The auction lot as Tycho had first spied the set on Tatooine.

*** The dishes are Hungarian Kalocsa.

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