Eye Heart Ewe

In school, Valentine's cards are de riguer, especially if you are shy about letting a classmate know you like them ... you don't have to sign it, even. Then you get the thrill of waiting to see if your intended recognizes (and reciprocates) your affections, and the mortifying private agony of the paramour perhaps not knowing who sent it to her, after all.

Obiwan Kenobi as a younger man was socially awkward; but that's not a surprise, considering Jedi were not meant to form attachments, and they had nothing in their curriculum to cover romantic feelings. He had a crush on diner owner Dexter Jettster's ward, Hermione Bagwa, but didn't have the nerve to say anything to anyone.

It happened that in anatomy class, Obiwan had to identify the parts of a sheep heart. It was Valentine's Day, and the young man's thoughts turned to hearts to represent love ... and he decided abruptly to give the drawing to Hermione. It was a heart, after all — the symbol of love!

Hermione was perplexed with the hand-drawn card ... and it took years for the two to come anywhere near each other.