The Evolved Troll
Diana DeRiggs & Iella

On Middle Earth, cave trolls are the largest sentient creatures, and used by Saruman as the massive muscle and rage to break down fortress walls and block and ram. They're not fast, but they are big, imposing, and bent to Saruman's will. Though they are sentient, they are only just barely so.

One troll, a bit smaller than the others, acted differently. He tended to try to protect himself from harm — he was a survivor, and didn't march blindly into battle at Saruman's behest. When he got a chance, he hid, rather than fighting!

And he stayed in the back of the caves and watched the earth change. He napped a lot. And when he finally came out, he stretched and noticed it was snowing a bit — even the weather had changed while he was napping. As it clung to his body, he wondered how long had he been asleep?

A man wearing a turban waved a skinny stick at him, and suddenly the cave troll wanted to follow him. He didn't know why the man wanted him to go into that big fortress through doors, rather than battering the walls and ramparts. And he ended up in a white cave inside the fortress with a lot of water and screaming small humans wearing black robes. It was all very confusing!