STAR WARS: Dark Paths
Paul Urquhart

Fanfic author Paul Urquhart has written a full-length Star Wars fanfic novel called Dark Paths! And he also created this awesome cover art — clockwise from the mask of Vader:
  • Jacen Solo
    composed of bits and pieces of Han and Luke — Ford's nose and jaw as of ANH, Hamill's cheekbones, brow and forehead in RotJ — with Carrie Fisher's eyes and Ben's AotC beard;
  • Tahiri Veila
    kids' TV character called Cavegirl;
  • Jaina Solo
    from a modified photo of Natalie Portman, utilizing the straight hair of Leia;
  • Jag Fel
    nephew of Wedge Antilles / Denis Lawson ... get it? Too clever for words!