Impressions of Coruscant, Top & Bottom by PrincessChippy

The Queen of Naboo had young girls with potential in politics -- some as young as 4 years old -- attending to her, as she had when she was first learning about politics in that enlightened system. They were called princesses (though the Princess of Theed was an elected position, the equivalent to a mayor).

A young girl hoped to apply and earn the title "Princess Chippy." She had been to Coruscant with her grandparents. When she first approached Amidala to be considered, she showed her drawings from her journal. The young Queen was struck by the girl's mature impression of the capitol, and that even though she'd been to the lower levels of the city-planet, the young girl saw things to be happy about. (She got the position!)

PrincessChippy, Top Level on CoruscantPrincessChippy, Bottom Level on Coruscant

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