Changèd: Siri Tachi
Diana DeRiggs

Obi-wan Kenobi had been in love in his life — in that serious, impetuous way that we believe love can be when it's perfect ... and perfectly doomed. Siri Tachi was the padawan of Adi Gallia, and she annoyed Obi-wan because she was pushy, bossy, and always right. And he loved her, even contemplated leaving the Jedi Order a second time ... but they had agreed to bury their feelings and to serve the Republic.

In exile on Tatooine, Obi-wan did not dream; dreams pass in time, and for him, they pointed to things that were painful and terrible. But as his exile was coming to an end, Siri came to him in a dream ... but in a form she had never had in life, in a manner Obi-wan had never imagined her. Is it the yearning of a man knowing that his time was running out? Or a message from one who had loved him — painfully, intensely — was it a warning?