Burn Zoma, Kohl!
Generation Zero, Iella, Diana

Zoma V was populated by the technologically unsophisticated Felinian race, who desired high-tech weaponry. In order to get it, they resorted to smugglers to supply their appetite for Imperial blasters, and the like.

Thus, on the fateful day the Millennium Falcon famously blasted out of the Mos Eisley spaceport with their famous cargo, another YT-130 also left the system illegally. Called the Limping Lady, the crew was to bring 10 crates of blaster to Zoma V, but decided to drop the cargo with the rebellion.

Upon hearing the stolen weaponry was fated to be received on Zoma V, head of the Security Council Armand Isaard ordered the destruction of Soma V, assigning the task to Kohl Seerdon. Seerdon eventually became Rogue Squadron's toughest adversary before he was killed in a dogfight with Luke Skywalker. But on that day, Isaard ordered his man, "Burn Zoma, Kohl!" And this protest song was born! ;)

It described the blithe indifference to the Felinian's fate, which was seen as a Legislative procedure, more than anything else.