Baby Solo in the Vintage Family Podracer:
Tryst's First Podrace!
Iella, Pika-So

Tahiri Veila Solo would have eviscerated her husband and father-in-law if she'd seen this photograph ... she would have insisted her baby was crying out of fear. But Han and Anakin would have insisted that Baby Tryst Solo was a natural — look at him zooming toward the stratosphere on great-grandma's vintage podracer! And he's not crying, he's just squinting because the men in the family forgot about protective eyewear, though they did remember the helmet and to strap the kid in ...

(Yes, grandma ... yes Tahiri and Anakin Solo are parents — in the Alternate Universe At the Oasis. And it's Great-Grandma Padmé who is the podracer! Hooray for AU!)

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