The Auto-'Fresher-'n-Hoser
Diana, Csillag, MaceVindaloo

This idea for this drawing of the "Auto-Refresher-and-Hoser/Clother" instruction card actually came from a comment one of us made about having to "run through the shower and find some pantyhose" before going off to work. Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian built the contraption, claiming it was to help the women who'd spent the night get washed and clothed the morning after — it did have the "pantyhoser" after all, a device to make putting on hose or stockings easier. But in truth, the boys used it themselves when prepping for missions — any time they got the call, they could be cleaned and attired instantly! And they do get to feel awfully "pretty" with that hose underneath their flight suits. ;) Even if they didn't follow the instructions as well as they should have — a case of "having way too much fun" — it does double as a work-out tool if they do it this way!

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